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  • Celeritytank Logistics (China) LTD. was established in,1998,the only private company expertised in Tankcontainer, specialized in offering diversified logistics service for chemical products with the different packaging types, including ISO tank container, felxi-tanks and drums, in both domestic and International field. We are able to offer all kinds of iso tank containers including food-grade liquids and high pressure gas tankcontainer for Freon series products. We’re also providing broker service for dry bulk, parcel tanker and supply of UBC, IBC on worldwide basis.
  • “One Stop” service base on our own network and fleet can be achieved to match various requirements for not only general full containers but also cargoes in bulk packages, and make sure of timely delivery to our valued customers.
  • Service offered:
  • 1. Air, land, sea & multi-model international transportation;
  • 2. ISO gas tank leasing ( ADR, AIR, DOT APPROVAL);
  • 3. Equipment periodic inspection, maintenance and repair service;
  • 4. Tank inspection;
  • 5. Technical support for emergency case;
  • 6. Facility technique updating and training.

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